Re: Is This Part of ARD?? helen c.

Tue Aug 14 06:22:37 2001

hey Helen sweetie pie, glad to see your beautiful blue words again. now don't you worry about not being able to post everyday ok. we all can't read millions of emails and get back to everyone promptly. i tried and drove myself crazy. we all understand honey bunny. i have a similar problem with my leg as you do. when my left sided pain gets so bad, the pain shoots down to about my knee, then all of a sudden, i have no feeling at on my whole left leg. there were times that when i was driving my left leg went totally numb. i had a standard transmission at the time and grinded those gears just to make it home. when the feeling of my left leg came back, ohhhh the pain.........yewo. then i would vomit and feel nauseous all day. my doctors haven't figured this one out yet. i'm still searching for the answer. love you helen, chrissie xo's ps i pray you find the answer to your extra boo-boos.........xo's

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