Re: To Collette

Mon Aug 13 20:34:59 2001

Dear Collette:

I know all of us with this disease feel so helpless, useless, depressed, angry, hurt, god why me, but we do have to look at it as it isn't going to kill us, we do not have cancer, or aids, or dying a horrible slow death. I have to look at it this way to pull myself out of the depression sometimes, that I am alive, have two beautiful healthy children that need their mother, have a good husband and that I must go on for them and for myself. I do believe that there will be help for us one day. I sit and think back to before the hysterectomy and can drive myself crazy with if only I hadn't of had it; ARD has taken a large part of my life away, but I am not dying, I will survive this and you must fight this battle with the depression that help is out there, we will continue to live, as hard as it is at times, but we must persevere. I know that it is so hard sometimes, believe me I know, I think that we all do. Please have the strength to hang on, and believe that you will be helped.

If you belong to a church go to your pastor and ask him to give you the strength to hold on, ask for encouragement, strength to keep fighting this disease.


Helen C.

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