my "old" job

From: marianne bolding (
Mon Aug 13 15:17:13 2001

Well, after calling several other local high schools and speaking with has come to the understanding that it is not just "me"...unfortunately...the position was eliminated across the board in all schools, as well as teachers-aides. It was to compensate for an increase given to the teachers salaries. They were striking a while back (teachers refused to teach) and the union came in to fight for them on pay raises. (Arizona has lower pay rates for teachers than other states). So, in order for the pay raise to be given within the budget set by the govt. they had to compensate by lay-offs. Mentally, this makes me feel better. However, I'm still stuck with the same issues. I will file un-employment tomorrow, get meds in advance to last a few months to control my hernia, hope my bowels never block till I have insurance, again...and not give-up. Maybe the school will offer me another position, so they don't have to pay me with un-employment? I'm sorry I was so distraught this weekend...I took it so personally feeling I was being punished for medical issues outside of my control, now at least I can face my family a little better. What everyone thinks about me is their thing. My hubby didn't handle my emotions very well this week...he made a reference to a couple of times where I was feeling well and went grocery shopping at a health store...why couldn't I do all the shopping that day. (Gees, I wonder why I was at a health store....shame on me for buying supplements to help me with my illness.) I got sick...that's why. I told him he's the old adage..."if you look well, you must feel well". So, know that I'm un-employed I feel ever indebted to every one of his needs, even at the sake of pushing mine aside. He's always had the attitude if I don't work...I need to do "everything" for the house. That's why I need to be working. It makes me want to do nothing in the house so that way he can't push me for more. I need that independence. Thank you all for listening to my depressions and for supporting me mentally. When no one else says "Don't give up!"...I know I can come to this board and here those words. It means alot...and helps me to deal with the withdrawal cycle. Depression can become such an addictive life-style if we succumb ourselves to it. It is a battle for me everyday...even before adhesions. You all are my counselors (ha ha). Thank you again, all of you. Love, Marianne

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