Re: painful frustration /Becky

From: Ellen Eggers (
Sun Aug 12 16:42:11 2001

Dear Becky, I have had this injection, I believe. I went to a pain clinic and was given a nerve block. It's an injection of steroids and something like lanacane to the nerve (the iliolingual nerve). Theoretically, this should, of course, numb the nerve and eliminate the pain. I've heard very good things about them. However, mine didn't work. It depends on whether or not your adhesions are actually affecting the nerve. If not, this won't work, but there's really no way to know without trying it. I will tell you this: it was NOT a painful procedure even if it sounds nasty. It was probably worse for my husband to watch it than it was for me to undergo it. Good luck. Ellen

At Sun, 12 Aug 2001, Sally Grigg wrote: >
>Dear Becky, I've never had those shots but have heard about them. We're all
>kind of guinea pigs here, unfortunately. I do think that there have been
>people on the board who have received the injections, though most of them are
>on summer hiatus/vacation. Please let us know the results. You'll become the
>expert unfortunately. Love, Sally

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