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From: Jean Long (
Sun Aug 12 00:57:56 2001

Sally, I am looking forward to seeing your photo. It's not the size of the dog or adhesion it is the size of the file that matters. If you look under properties with the file open it will tell you. It will also tell you in windows explorer behind the file name. You don't need a large file for viewing on the internet. I already deleted Chrissies dog so I don't know what size the file was but I would say 100kb or less. Not everyone can view them as email, just some of us.

If the photos are all connected as one big picture (one file) open it in your program where you create or open that kind of a file and crop it if you have the tools to do that.

1. Save the picture to another name so you are creating a copy and still have your original. (save as .jpg) 2. Take your crop tool, cutting tool, or selection tool to draw a box just around the photo you want and double click inside the box (it should crop it to the selected area, cutting out everything else). 3. Click save again.

If that doesn't work you can also: 1. Select the area 2. click "CUT" after (Edit-Cut) 3. open a new window or page and 4. Click "Paste" 5. "Save As" whatever you want to name it. (save as .jpg)

If it is just that you were trying to send multiple files on one email as attachments right click on the ones you no longer want and click cut or delete and it will remove them from your email.

I'm doing fine right now, getting a bit of a break from the bad pain again. Taking advantage of it and trying to walk again without aid off & on in the house. I do this until I rile up the pain too bad then go back to the crutch. I just don't want to take the chance of never regaining the walking thing. Won't do it in public because I look like a retard, plus I wouldn't make it very far! I have to really concentrate on every step or I sway from side to side like an elephant. Maybe I could be Chrissie's new pet!! I have to keep remembering heel-toe. So I look like a toddler doing obvious heel-toe moves or I can also walk better on my tip-toes for some reason, but hubby says that looks more ridiculous than the swaying side to side. I could say I am just practicing for ballet (LOL)! Between my bone in the museum and the ballet I will be famous!!

I deal with the constipation, ulcer & hiatal hernia but I am use to that, it is a way of life for me and I wouldn't know any other life.

I hope your pain is getting somewhat better for you and you can soon get to the point of not needing pain pills anymore.


"A Friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you!!!"

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Dear Jean, I think I get the idea. I was trying to send too much. Basically , the only photo that needs to be sent is the one of the great big cloumn of tissue, blood, nerves, etc. It looked like a separate organ all its own, like it should have a function or something and its no bigger than Chrissie's dog. So I have to figure out how to detach the other photos and just send that one. My bookkeeper/computer helper will be back soon and I'll try that.

How are you doing? I love your sense of humor. I told my husband about that joke "I think you're bad luck" He laughed and laughed. Love and warm thoughts, Sally

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