from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Sat Aug 11 22:44:10 2001

Dear Janet, Thank you for writing, each day gets a little better. It was so horrible to try to save a life and lose that life while you're trying so hard, but I did learn a few lessions. I sincerely hope that my putting it on the board will save another life.

The irony is, if she had actually found my pain pills and taken those, she probably would not have thrown up in her sleep. The ones she took were some pills that I called throw-up pills. I never took them after the first one The coroner has them now, and I don't remember their name. They made me so nauseous it was unbelievable.

The only comfort I can really take is that all my old religious training came back from memory and I was able to give her a service immediately, the Psalms and other portions of the Bible I had been forced to memorize as a child. Once someone dies, they just cover them up and everyone stays away from the body. I sat and held her hand and talked to her for a long time. It helped the guys on the volunteer fire dept. too. They threw their heart and soul into saving her, and even though they're supposed to stay detached, she was so young and pretty, it was hard.

And all because her test was a false positive, I don't think she would have done it if she didn't think she was going to die a horrible death. She thought she would be dead in a year or two. I tried to talk to her about that, that in some cases people lived with the virus of HIV for years, and with all the medical advances, etc, etc, so the other lesson is if you have a test for something like that, have another one, and another. Their accuracy rate is low. They don't tell you that. Sorry to go on and on. Love and hugs, and kisses. Sally


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