Dear Michelle from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Sat Aug 11 14:54:20 2001

Dear Michelle, Did you have an open incision? The rules are different from a laproscopic one. Ask your doctor if you can walk. Gentle walking 30 mintues a day is supposed to help according to my doctor (laproscopic adhesion removal) and my husband (non-doctor) recommends jogging (lol). He would have me walking five miles if he had his way. But I do think its correct that when you walk everything gets healthier, just don't overdo and ask your doctor first. I don't think there is anyway to keep from getting them at this stage in science, your body does what it wants. It does help if your doctor cleaned up really, really good inside and irrigated and did all the things according to Dr. Reich's regime in Penn. Love and good luck, Sally

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