Re: wet keyboard

From: marianne bolding (
Sat Aug 11 00:56:04 2001

My hubby looks like that country singer with the long blonde hair...something "Jackson" I think...everyone who meets him at my work tells me that...I think so, too...when he shaves and cleans himself up! LOL Marianne --- wrote: > oh ya, i remember that cartoon somewhat........was
> he a blue
> character.....mcgraw my puppy was named after tim
> mcgraw.........hmmmmmm nice
> butt that man has.......tee hee. my 3 cats are also
> named after country
> singers; garth = garth brooks, mickey = mickey
> gilly, and geroge= george
> straight.......some of the spelling of the names are
> wrong, but it's too
> early in the am to
> hugs and love to you marianne
> chrissie xo's

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