Re: Amy...recovering from surgery

From: Janet Karam (
Fri Aug 10 03:39:39 2001

Dear Amy,

Please take it easy, give yourself time to recover and rest when your body says. I guess we are all so anxious to get on with our lives after surgery, I know how hard it is to sit still when you start feeling better. it is normal to feel sore for 4-6 weeks after even laparascopic surgery. Hope your appointment goes well tomorrow, and that you continue to feel better everyday.

Love and hugs,


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I got up and did a bunch of housework today, with hubbys help. I am really sore in my abdomen and I am still swollen, but I am hopeful all went well.

Thanks so much for asking. I have a follow up on Friday to discuss next steps in treatment.


--- Janet Karam


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