Re: Needing ANSWERS !!Kris

From: Sally Grigg (
Fri Aug 10 03:21:31 2001

Dear Kris, please read what Helen Dynda sends and has sent in the past ( There is a realm of information on that site. Most of us try to find a doctor who will do laproscopic surgery as it is much less invasive to the body. If you need referrals to other Doctors please let the board know right away and someone will help you. Keep your chin up, Love, Sally

Kris wrote:

> Hello !
> I went to the Dr. on monday of this week. He examined me and told me
> he could feel tons of adhesions. I told him my problems with my bowels.
> They are not empting very well and always full. I am bloated and the
> pain is increasing. We talked ALOT about having the adhesions removed.
> I am so scared. I know I at least have a partial obstruction. I am
> taking fiber , and trying to increase my fluids and step up my activity.
> He wants to see me in 2 weeks, and then if no better schedule surgery.
> How will I know if my colon becomes all the way obstructed, this scares
> me waititng. I also am very scared to have this done. He cannot do a
> lap he is going in with a small incision so I have to stay for a while
> he said it depended on what he finds. Can any of you give me advice,
> and if things get to bad should I call him and tellhim I do ot want to
> wait. Any advice on diet to get throuth this. I feel so full, and am
> !! Please anyone !!!
> thanks, Kris

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