Suggestions, if you suffer from intestinal adhesions.

From: Helen Dynda (
Thu Aug 9 20:08:45 2001

[]> Helpful Suggestions, If You Suffer From Intestinal Adhesions...

I excerpted the following information from messages, which are now in the IAS Archives. These helpful comments are not listed in any particular order.

1.) "I drink 2 - 8 oz glasses of water BEFORE every meal -- everyday without fail; and doing this has really helped me." If you haven't tried this, are you willing to try doing this? Our bodies require at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday; and there is nothing harmful about drinking water!!

2.) The foods you eat can make a difference!! I remember reading the following: "When a person has intestinal adhesions, a low-residue diet can be helpful." Are you following a low-residue diet?

3.) "You are right about the diet. Popcorn is my absolute favorite food; but I haven't touched it for over six months. Roughage of any kind: such as the skin of fruits, nuts, fiber etc... all cause me trouble. Beef is also not very good for me anymore."

4.) "I take phayzme pills for gas and several stool softeners each night to keep things "soft."

5.) "My Drs. at Scranton, PA put me on a liquid diet, which then progressed to a soft diet. I was told to continue taking Metamucil and Colace daily. They called Colace "lube for the tube"!!! I am also to stay on a very soft diet ... small portions ... peel all fruit ... eat prunes ... and do not eat popcorn."

6.) "I haven't totally cut beef out of my diet; but I know it bothers me much more than chicken or pork. Steak is always a problem; but softer beef is OK."

7.) "A few of the things I do: Ensure drinks (they aren't bad tasting....I like Vanilla), soy protein drinks with fruit juice ( no pulp ) and tofu mixed in. I have a juicer so I make carrot and veggie juice when I have time. Odwalla carrot juice and super green drinks. With the drinks I feel sure I'm getting all my vitamins. I also take flaxseed oil capsules 1000 mg. and multi vitamin once a day. Usually I try to have liquid stuff for breakfast and lunch; and then I can have a small dinner with my husband. One important thing is to CHEW, CHEW CHEW!! I've always been a fast eater; but now I'm trying to take it slow and eat small bites and chew."

8.) "The only thing that helps me is to get up in the morning (before drinking or eating anything) and drink 8 ounces of cold (from refrigerator) prune juice -- followed by a hot drink (coffee, tea). This causes a bowel movement within 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. Maybe this will help you."

9.) Ginger is a natural anti-nausea agent. Candied Ginger (from a health food store) is sweet, spicy and helps combat nausea.

10.) "I discovered a herbal tea that seems to work better and gentler than any pill I have tried on the market. It's made by Traditional Medicinals. It's called Smooth Move; and really is the only thing that I can say works for me. Maybe it will help you too. It's active ingredient is Senna leaf. It also includes the digestive support of fennel, orange peel, cinnamon, coriander and ginger to ease discomfort, reduce cramping and enhance the flavor of the tea. Their web address is:

"When I am really bad (no movement for 2-3 days) I use two bags to make it stronger. I have severe, excruciating pain when I have a BM and this also seems to be the gentlest thing that I have tried. I have to have some kind of stimulant or I just flat out won't go at all.

"They also have another tea specifically for constipation. I haven't tried that one yet; because the Smooth Move has worked so well for me. I don't know what it's called, but I'm sure you can find it on their website.

** Senna Warning: "Please be careful with herbs, including Senna. Remember, just because it's "natural" doesn't mean it's necessarily safe. Senna contains anthraquinones, which are compounds that stimulate the bowel. That's the good part that makes this herb so tempting for so many of us. However, many experts believe that with regular use, these herbs can actually damage the nerves that serve the bowel, leading to chronic constipation. Bottom line? These aren't really any better than chemical laxatives. I was once advised by a holistic healer to use senna no more than once a week. Kind of like a cleansing."

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