Re: Chrissie...caps etc.

Thu Aug 9 11:52:47 2001

hi Jean, silly you my sweets, i know how to use the shift keys for the caps. the only way i can get a capital letter is to use the caps lock and sometimes the spell check works and changes the small to caps. both of my shift keys don't work. i tried everything. turning the keyboard upside down over night, uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard. had a program sent to me from jay, took the shift keys off and cleaned the both of them, used my 'goback' program that allows me to go back to the day before it happen. when i asked the gateway tech. what to do, they had no answers for me. isn't it aggravating to use something that only works with some parts and not with others....grrrrrrr big grrrrrrrrr love ya Jean Chrissie xo's

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