To Rosie, ie barriers and adhesion surgeries

From: Sally Grigg (
Wed Aug 8 14:51:53 2001

Dear Rosie, Barriers seem to work for some people,and not for others. There's a new one in Europe, intergel, that some people are allergic to. Some say it helps, others, not. Who's to know? Another reason to have laproscopic surgery from an expert, not just any old doctor, if you have bad adhesions, is to prevent bowel obstructions. They found adhesions wrapped around my intestines a month ago, during my surgery . These kind of adhesions are dangerous because they can cut off your bowel and you wind up in your local rural hospital with someone with no experience with adhesions and they make more problems because they do open cuts instead of laproscopic procedures, which are much easier on your body. Good luck, Love, Sally


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