Lynda from Sally /PBS filming

From: Sally Grigg (
Wed Aug 8 13:53:51 2001

Dear Lynda, I'm glad you're never wrong. I need a friend with unbounding optimism, right now. Yes, the film crew has come and gone. They don't take direction well, They spent the night and did what they wanted, not what I had planned. And they interviewed me after breakfast, which is the exact time I collapse, after three hours of heat and cooking and waiting on guests and taking money and generally being "up". that's when they chose to offically interview me, all sweaty and grumpy. But it went well. They didn't want my husband or dog in the picture, but I said I wouldn't do it without them, so they had to give in. We sat in a love seat, and I felt relaxed as I cleaned the dogs paws and answered their questions about what is so romantic about my place. And I kept my mouth within the bounds of normalcy, I was really tempted to shoot off my mouth with non-sequiturs ( yes, I know - what's that - an inference that does not follow from the premises). It means I was good, and not bad. Talk to you upon your return. Love, Sally

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