Re: hiatal hernia & my Trip

From: Jean Long (
Tue Aug 7 22:58:59 2001

We just got back around 5:00 today (Tuesday) and I already had a customer pop in at 6:00!!! Just sifted through my email, snail mail and voice messages and didn't even get unpacked yet or pick up our dog and I have several customers to deal with tomorrow (now 11:30). These are the disadvantages of home-based businesses!

The doctor in NY doesn't think he can help me substantially. He was not very happy about my missing bone and said "I would like to know where that bone is and what happened to it myself"! He also doesn't think my hip was infected and sees no signs of it on any of my x-rays or tests...hence I went through that "H" of 2 surgeries, intravenous for 6 weeks and nursing homes for nothing. He also said where my hip sinks in really deep (like pulled inward) that there is no muscle there is gone and there is nothing he or I can do about it, no amount of exercise or anything will ever bring it back!! This is all from the surgeon last year, wasn't like that before, just had alot of pain! He says the muscle that is gone is why I have extreme difficulty trying to raise that leg while laying on my side. He also says I have alot of bone loss.

He says he may at best be able to give me "minimal" pain relief by removing the plastic claw that is around my Greater Trochanter (sp?) bone. It was there to hold the remaining bone together that the surgeon broke and should be firmly adhered by now. He can't relieve all my pain, only minimal if any by removing that since it isn't my only problem. He can't replace bone or muscle that is missing. I am suppose to think about if I want him to do this but he isn't totally enthused about putting me through another surgery or cutting the hip open again.

I actually handled the drive very well and just had one pit stop each direction.

We had a good time but I was dying from the heat with no air conditioning which I am not accustomed to. Slept without even a fan and only one fan in the living area. We did go to the Planetarium while in NY before heading to Massachusetts. We also had to endure eating Japanese food which was not a treat for me!

Marianne.....I would try to pills for awhile longer and if I didn't get relief in the next week or so I would ask to try Prilosec which gave me immediate relief. JEAN

"A Friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you!!!"

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From: "marianne bolding" <> To: "Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS" <> Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2001 11:19 PM Subject: Re: hiatal hernia

Jean!!! You're back! I've missed ya. What... if anything did you find out? Will this doctor be able to help you? How'd you handle the drive, and did you have a good time? Wow...told you we had that "Aries" thing in common. If I've been on a medication (Ranitidine-he says it is the best medicine) for the hernia for two weeks now...and I am still having problems with the symptoms...does this mean that it's not working for me...or have I given it enough time? Like I said..."I'm glad You're back!" Love you, Marianne --- Jean Long <> wrote: > Marianne,
> I have an ulcer and hiatal hernia and take Prilosec
> for about 5-6 years now.
> I still get the bloating and pressure under the ribs
> but it takes away the heartburn completely and most
> of the regurgitation.
> I definitively couldn't live without it.
> STAY AWAY from carbonation and all gas-producing
> foods and drinks.
> "A Friend is someone who knows all about you and
> still loves you!!!"

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> <>
> Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2001 9:07 PM
> Subject: hiatal hernia
> Well, I thank everyone for the support here. It's
> so
> important and makes me feel all gooey inside to know
> that you guys "hear" me. Unfortunately, I got some
> news on my GI test yesterday. Looks like I have
> other
> new challenges in life to deal with....why oh why
> does
> all of my problems have to affect my digestive and
> pooping system? They diagnosed me with a hiatal
> hernia. I've been on meds for it for two weeks that
> have not benefited me much...if it doesn't work
> along
> with the lifestyle changes I've's another
> surgeory for me to releive the hernia...apparantly
> the
> acid can eat up your esophagus and can be
> life-threatening...and treating it with meds my
> whole
> life can cause tumors. (benign or malignant). I'm
> really starting to believe that the man who "hit and
> run" ned me left me with serious pelvic
> trauma...either that or an ovarian cyst ruptured
> causing adhesions, and the surgeory to remove the
> adhesions caused a hernia. I really don't feel well
> right now...but, I am very grateful for everyone's
> kind thoughts and wishes. The nausea us kicking my
> butt. Any other hernia sufferers out there that
> would
> like to provide me with input I would appreciate. I
> am on ranitidine right now...which doesn't help.
> So,
> info on meds is appreciated too. My love to all and
> deepest thankyous (ever so sincerely), Marianne
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