Tue Aug 7 22:43:44 2001

Dear Chrissie:

Thank you sweetie. I would have done cartwheels if I were still able to do them. Do you know that my Maryland State Pain Rep. form Maryland met me there for the first time, although we have talked many of times on the phone over the last year. I called her to let her know what was going down in Dr. S's office and she said I'll be there tomorrow for moral support and told me to stand my grounds and insist that I see Dr. S. only. It was wonderful meeting her, and so comforting knowing she was in the waiting room making sure that I got to see Dr. S.

Now, we have to work on you, and make sure you get the medication that you deserve. Look up your state laws, and see what New Hampshire's pain laws are. You fulfilled all your obligations and I don't understand how they can back out on your agreement.

Love ya,

Helen C.

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