Re: I'M BACK ON FOR NOW - to Helen D.

Tue Aug 7 22:19:35 2001

Dear Helen:

Thank you - yes my husband went right to bat for me, he was wonderful!!! Said today when he came home it was like coming home to a different person, yes I was up out of bed, smiling, taking the kids to soccer, making dinner (I could live again).

The war is not over - the rug could be pulled out from under me at any time. We must fight for the right for the chronic pain patient to have the right to narcotic pain medication the right for Oxycontin.

Look what just happened to Chrissie, was this fair? She fought her way up from the bottom, followed all their rules, went to their pain classes and was betrayed. The scare is on for the doctors - the DEA has no right in their offices unless, yes, the doctor is writing prescriptions only for the purpose of the drug addicts to sell the pills. Oxycontin works for the chronic pain patient, let us have it, leave us alone. Work on those that are abusing it, and leave us live our lives as comfortably as we can with needless suffering. There was finally a drug that helped us, and they are trying to take it away. This is so unfair!!!!


Helen C.

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