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From: Jean Long (
Tue Aug 7 21:22:37 2001

Marianne, I have an ulcer and hiatal hernia and take Prilosec for about 5-6 years now. I still get the bloating and pressure under the ribs but it takes away the heartburn completely and most of the regurgitation. I definitively couldn't live without it.

STAY AWAY from carbonation and all gas-producing foods and drinks. JEAN

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Well, I thank everyone for the support here. It's so important and makes me feel all gooey inside to know that you guys "hear" me. Unfortunately, I got some news on my GI test yesterday. Looks like I have other new challenges in life to deal with....why oh why does all of my problems have to affect my digestive and pooping system? They diagnosed me with a hiatal hernia. I've been on meds for it for two weeks that have not benefited me much...if it doesn't work along with the lifestyle changes I've's another surgeory for me to releive the hernia...apparantly the acid can eat up your esophagus and can be life-threatening...and treating it with meds my whole life can cause tumors. (benign or malignant). I'm really starting to believe that the man who "hit and run" ned me left me with serious pelvic trauma...either that or an ovarian cyst ruptured causing adhesions, and the surgeory to remove the adhesions caused a hernia. I really don't feel well right now...but, I am very grateful for everyone's kind thoughts and wishes. The nausea us kicking my butt. Any other hernia sufferers out there that would like to provide me with input I would appreciate. I am on ranitidine right now...which doesn't help. So, info on meds is appreciated too. My love to all and deepest thankyous (ever so sincerely), Marianne

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