Re: Switched from oxycontin to ms contin ~Helen C.......

Tue Aug 7 11:07:35 2001

Hi Helen, I'm so, so, VERY sorry to hear that your pain doc feels effected by the bad media on the one and only pain pill that helps you with your pain. Damn those drug users! Snif a can if you want a high! Sorry, but I'm really pissed about this! I'm in the same way as you are Helen. Once I had my last pain class, my primary care doctor is supposed to take over my meds. She said there would be no problem......ya, right. I phoned in this morning for a new script and she said she isn't going to give me the script and wants me to try something else for my pain other than oxy. I called my new pain doc, (my old pain doc left the pain center to go back to school) and he said that he agrees with her and lets try percoset. YA RIGHT! As if that will touch my pain......NOT! Helen, lets fight together. There has to be something we can do. Something. I know how much the oxy helps you with your pain, I know the pill gives you some type of quality of life. What is the next step? What do we do to get a comfort level? I can't stand this.........I'm reaching out trying to grab onto you ............. I pray that your doctors appt. today went really well. Please, let us know how you did. Love and lots of hugs, ~Chrissie xo's

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