Re: Doc's losing licenses because of Oxycontin

Sun Aug 5 21:44:59 2001

If it comes to a Dr. thinking they could lose their license over prescribing Oxycontin and you - you're going to lose. My doctor was so compassionate that he prescribed what he felt would help the chronic pain patient and that was Oxycontin. Now with the DEA breathing down the necks of all the doctors prescribing it because a 100 druggies over-dosed because they abused it, we the chronic pain patient are now going to lose. Because my doctor was so compassionate he will fall under the category of one of those offices that was prescribing too much narcotic pain medication and if he doesn't pull everyone he can off of it, I do believe he feels that the DEA will be at his door. I myself cannot beg a doctor to keep me on a drug that would force him to lose his license. I'm going to lose, and so are so many others that were being helped by this drug. Why, the one drug that I was prescribed and helped me live a life, is the one drug that became the drug of abuse????


Helen C.

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