Good Morning Pain Family...Helen C and Others too!!

From: Helen Dynda (
Sun Aug 5 21:17:34 2001

[] Good Morning Pain Family -- (at the bottom of the *Doctors with Compassion* website).

Good Morning Pain Family,

It is quite possible to get a doctor to help you with what you need. When I found this website and I read the part that said..."You must read this whole thing. There will be a test later."...I thought...Oh my God. I have to read all of this before I can find out how to do it? I wasn't sure I could.

It was late in the evening when I came across this site. I finally went to bed at 3am, and prayed that this was the answer. The next day I headed straight for my PC and started reading more.

Skip is right...You have to know all of the information in there. Sure I can tell you what to say to your doctor. We can give you the names of some good doctors. You can print up the info to give to your doctor. BUT.......

If you do not fight for yourself then it is all for nothing. For those of you who don't know...The info I got here I took to my doctor-do-nothing here in town. And when he tried to dismiss me without relief I stood up for myself. I stood my ground...and I walked out with 20 percocet and got those refilled 2 days later.

The point is you never really know what you can get your doctor to do until you try. After I read the web site I was outraged. How dare the doctors treat me this way!! I am a human being and I DEMAND to be treated as such!

Get the ASAP Pain Course papers together and staple them in order. HIGHLIGHT the most important parts. Doctors are busy people. They will most likely take time to read a highlighted sentence vs. a lot of pages that don't interest him....Find your state's medical statutes. This will take a little effort on your part but it will help further your cause with the doctor. Sometimes the doctor is not aware of the laws that cover intractable pain. So educate them!

BUT don't blame anyone if these things fail. I was fortunate enough to get help right away. But then again I was very tenacious and a little pushy. IT WAS MY LIFE...IT WAS MY RESPONSIBILITY. If I hadn't gotten the help right away I would have just fought harder. I AM worth it.

Last, but not least....I helped a gentleman recently with getting a doctor to give him a referral. I got a letter from him yesterday that said he walked out of the doctors office with a smirk on his face. After he told the doctor the "Facts" he referred him right then and there. He even called the clinic in front of this gentleman. This man will be seen by one of the clinics with four stars by it on our site. He thanked me but I reminded him....I only showed him what to do. It was his courage and his words that made this happen.

There is no fight more worthy of you than that of the one for your very life...and only you can be the general...Think about it!!

With Love and Respect,


You can only go as far as you push!!!!

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