ASAP: How one member got help...for Helen C. and Others...

From: Helen Dynda (
Sun Aug 5 21:09:57 2001

[] How one member got help: Hi Lucinda,

Welcome to this group! My name is Carrie. I suffered the same nightmare you're still going through. I call it a nightmare because that is exactly what it becomes! I was in all this constant, severe, chronic pain that kept me from doing anything. I kept going to doctors desparately wanting to be helped; but nothing they tried helped. I have damage to my spinal cord and peripheral nerve damage that causes such horrible, constant pain all through my chest, back and ribs. The pain was so severe that I stayed in a fog; and each day I knew would be the same. My future looked the same and I knew I couldn't continue on like that. I was emotionally drained!

It became obvious that opioid medication was the only pain medication that was going to help ease the severeness of my pain. And that is when the doctors gave up on me and I was left to suffer for a long time.

No one can really understand what chronic pain patients go through unless they've lived it themselves. I was very depressed and lonely when I found this group. I had thoughts of suicide, too. With no help from doctors and continuously tortured by pain, suicide does become a thought as a way out of the suffering. But Lucinda, there are doctors out there who do know their rights and know they can adequately treat chronic pain patients with opioid medication. When I first joined this group and read how others had found help for the pain, I didn't think I would ever be one who would find help. I'd suffered too long and I'd lost all hope.

But I did find a good doctor and my pain is finally down at a pain level that is comfortable for me!! My life is worth living again and I can actually feel like I can make plans for the future now. My plans are simple ones that pain free people take for granted. I plan to go camping this summer and go to the zoo with my grandson. I plan to visit family. I've been able to cook for my family again and do light house cleaning. I can now be out in public and no longer be in such a fog of pain that all I want to do is go home to my room where I'm away from people. I can go to family functions.

Before I got help, I avoided them! I felt uncomfortable around them because my family couldn't understand what the constant pain was doing to me and I was tired of trying to explain it. And it is very hard to try to smile and act like I feel ok when I'm in severe pain! It was embarrassing, too and I couldn't help it! I knew I looked very tired, worn out and in too much pain to socialize.

Lucinda, I'm glad you found this group!! Now you have people who understand what you're going through. You're not alone anymore. Print out the information in this support group and read it.

You start with the "patient letter" and keep trying to read as much as you can. I had to print it all out because I had to lay down most of the time when I was in too much pain and I couldn't sit at the computer and read.

I know now that I have a right to adequate pain relief with opioid pain medication. I have a right to be heard, respected and have my pain taken seriously by the medical profession. And I know that doctors also have a right to help their chronic pain patients. Some doctors know this, a lot of doctors do not or choose not to care. I know you can find that doctor who is going to get your pain level down to where you are comfortable.

You have a lot of friends here in the group who care very much and will always be there for you. You talk to us about any problems you're having. I'm always here too. Email me anytime. I've been exactly where you're at now so I really, major relate to what you're going through and I care!

Take care of yourself.

Your friend, Carrie, Ky

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