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From: Sally Grigg (
Sat Aug 4 16:53:34 2001

Lets try again - to Positive Thought from Sally

Adhesions Society wrote:

> We are sorry, but this system sensed the following request which may have been
> inadvertedly sent to this list:
> If your posting was intentional, please accept our apologies and resend your
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> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Get all of your records together, copies of your doctor's written reports of
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> your medical problems especially operation reports, test results, etc. You
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> have the right to copies from any doctors you have seen, copy pages from the
> adhesions site ( look at back e-mails from Helen Dynda
> about pain and other topics relevant to your situation, print them out, lots
> of them, type up a cover letter explaining your problems, keep it thorough but
> as short as possible. Present yourself to your chosen doctor or pain
> management clinic and go through this board to find a good one, any old doctor
> will not do, a bad doctor or pain management place is worse than none. When
> you have you appointment remain calm, but firm and describe your level of
> pain. Good luck. It's hard. Look at the adhesion web site for information.
> You can spend weeks searching and still keep finding good information and it's
> time well spent. With kindest regards, Sally Grigg
> wrote:
> > Has anyone ever been able to get all their doctors to agree on a method
> > of treatment for pain management?? The Primary Care sends me to a pain
> > specialist, he in turn sends me to another because my kind of pain is
> > not his speciality. From there, additional paperwork & medical history
> > must be updated from all the doctors and I find myself spinning my
> > wheels while they get their collective heads together. In the meanwhile
> > I am still in pain and running very low on patience, time & money. Any
> > ideas on how to get them all together?
> >

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