Re: Could they be back?

From: Janet Karam (
Sat Aug 4 00:40:15 2001

Dear Jennifer,

I am sorry to hear you are going through all of this at such a young age. I am 33. It was discovered during my last surgery that I had stage IV endometriosis as well, with this late stage endo there is alot of scarring as you described... the endo bleeds into itself, from what I understand, and causes more and more scarring. Many of us are born with endo and it progresses with the start of our first menstual cycle.

I would suggest that you read through the archives on this site everything that you can on endometriosis. It will help you to become educated about your disease. We can also form post-surgical adhesions from the trauma of the surgery itself, this is a risk to be considered with each surgery.

You are blessed to have found this site so early after your first surgery. You can educate yourself here by browsing the information gathered on this site and hopefully gain the support you need from the message board.

Love and hugs,


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> Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with pelvic adhesions 5 months ago. My
> dr went and did a laparoscopy then and said that he got out what he
> could at the time. I had stage 4 adhesions all over my abdomen. He
> told me that only thing that saved me from having a hysto was that they
> were soft adhesions. He has placed me on lo/orval bcp's for the next
> 3months and told me to take them staight through, no placebo pills
> allowed to see if that helps. well i have been on them for 2 months now
> and nothings changed. Could it be that he somehow missed something? I
> still have the same pains as before my surgery only not as bad as when I
> havbe my cycle b/c the cramping is gone atleast until the end of Oct.
> I am only 24 yrs old right now and already am trying to deal with
> possible fertility problems as the scarring is so bad my chances have
> dropped to 20%. I don't know what to do. I am handling the pain well.
> no pain meds taken for wks now. but it's affecting every aspect of my
> life again and I don't know if my dr will do anything. He does not know
> what caused the adhesions to form. I didn't have any problems until Jan
> of this yr. But we know they started to form yrs ago to be this bad.
> but he doesn't want to do any more surgery b/c of the scarring aspect.
> he told me that if he has to go back in again he will have to remove
> something as the scarring will be to great. Can anyone help
> me??????????

--- Janet Karam ---

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