Re: Blood In The Bowl???

From: marianne bolding (
Fri Aug 3 13:58:09 2001

Bonnie, I have had this problem in my past before my adhesion surgeory. It was due to connective tissue to my sigmoid colon that caused it to stop PCP told me it was from the release of blood from a capillary. It caused some hemorrhaging internally that would pass through the bowels. I would have it checked. You do not want to increase your chances for infection internally. They will more than likely take a stool sample and need to test it. Please see the doctor for this. It could be nothing...but, seeing as how it is accompanied with abdominal is not something to procrastinate on. My best, Marianne --- "Poutinen, Jay" <> wrote: > Bonnie--It's not normal, and it would be a good idea
> to get it checked to
> determine the source of blood.
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> Sent: Friday, August 03, 2001 11:48 AM
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> Subject: Blood In The Bowl???
> Ok, I am sorry if this is alittle to descriptive, I
> want to make sure
> that this is normal before I go ahead and put a call
> in to my PCP.
> I remember saying how my belly pain was worsening
> and this has me
> freaked. This mornin I went to the bathroom and
> when I got up there
> wasdark blood in thebowl. Not a hudge amount but
> enough to have me
> concerned. Is this normal? Is this something I have
> to be worried
> about? Has anyone had this problem and if so what
> was the out come?
> Thank you all.....and God Bless
> Bonnie

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