Re: Where can men get help?

From: Janet Karam (
Fri Aug 3 01:16:54 2001

Dear Loren,

For support and information you are in the right place. There are predominantly women here, I think because we require abdominal surgery perhaps more often than men...not because adhesions are more of a female problem.

If you need surgical help, you will probably need to find a general surgeon who specializes in adhesions. Dr. Redan is one, who I had surgery with this past March in Scranton, PA. You can also contact Dr. David Wiseman, founder of this website for other Dr. referrals., be sure to get several names from him, as you will find when you call that some are Obgyn's.

You can contact Dr. Jay Redan at, and Dr. David Wiseman at

James Lynch is one of our members who had surgery this past June. If you go to the "men's" portion of our website here, you will find his contact info.

I hope you won't be too scared off because there are so many women here. If you browse the site some more, you'll find loads of information. There will also be stories of male ARD sufferers on the Adhesions Quilt.

Hope this helps some,


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> Where can men get help for adhesions?

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