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Thu Aug 2 23:39:50 2001

Hi Jo:

Good to see your posts.

At 11:28 PM 8/2/01 -0500, you wrote: ><snip>
>I use chinese herbal therapies and one of the things I do in the shower
>each morning is to massage my stomach. Starting on the right side above
>the belly button with one hand placed over the other I rub my tummy from
>right to left in a circular motion going down to the pubic bone and then
>back up above my belly button. This circular massage needs to be of a
>minimum of 100 rotations & really doesn't take as long as it sounds! LOL
>The chinese believe that heat is very theraputic.....western medicine does
>too....we all use heat packs or heating pads here on the board.
>This massage works in two ways according to my therapist, firstly the
>heat generated by the friction of my hands rubbing my skin in a constant
>motion sooths my pain, the massage also encourages a "lazy bowel" to
>start moving.
>For a quick heat fix to pain....rub your hands together vigerously until
>you can feel the heat in them, then place your hands on your skin where
>you feel pain. I use this when not at does help :-)

I know I "editorialized" your post, but the sections I quoted is what I wanted to comment on.

Do you suppose this is why I catch myself holding and rubbing my tummy as if I were 9 months pregnant???? When I have to go out shopping, different times I have caught myself either massaging my tummy or cradling it with both arms when the pain was rising.

Things that make you go "Hmmmmm".....

Nancy in NB

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