GP feels adhesions are back , how do I get gyn onboard?

From: gidge (
Thu Aug 2 16:43:22 2001

Hi there, I had a TAH/BSO in Feb/00......last January I had a scope and some adhesions taken down that were attached to my pelvic sidewall and bowel (and omentum are they the same?) anyways I had about three months of relief and now my pain is back with a vengence, worse then ever before and my gyn is on maternity leave and I am going to see her partner who I believe may not be willing to treat my adhesions again..

.they sent me to a gastro who is doing a barium enema but he too believe that it could be does hurt when I have a bowel movement or when anything is passing through my bowel area..

..but activity is the worse thing that causes me pain. It's all centered around the right end of my incision (which had necrotic tissue in it that they had to remove as well).

Is there a way to get my gyn's partner to take me seriously and treat my adhesions...I am in so much pain that it is hard to walk sometimes. Help?

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