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[ NOTE: Beverly Doucette provided this information. I suggest that you really study this information; and start preparing yourself so that you will be prepared to meet with surgeons to discuss a possible surgery. If you have a printer, I encourage you to print-out this information!!]

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a.....You must learn as much as you can about Adhesions Related Disease (ARD)!!

b.....You must learn about the different surgical interventions used for adhesiolysis procedures. Then, *compare* the surgical interventions.. Which one will give you the best chance for a successful recovery?

c.....Ask the prospective surgeon if you can talk to former patients, who have had the surgical procedure you are looking to have; and then go from there.

d.....You must take full responsibility for your medical care and treatment.

e.....Ask lots and lots of questions -- until you are totally satisfied and feel secure that your surgeon is very skilled and experienced in performing the adhesiolysis procedure that you want.

f.....Until you feel secure -- DON'T DO ANYTHING!!

* * * * * * * *


a.....What is his/her understanding about Adhesions Related Disease (ARD)?

b.....What is his philosophy about adhesions, etc.?

c.....What diagnostic tests can rule out a bowel blockage *prior* to surgery!!

d.....What kind of surgical equipment does he use to perform an adhesiolysis?

e.....Does he use sharp dissection or laser technique, etc? First, you will have to acclimate yourself to which surgical technique will offer the best chance for recovery.

f.....Why do his/her specific technique and procedure work best?

g.....What has been his/her success rate?

h.....How many of these procedures does he/she perform in a year's time? The *more* adhesiolysis procedures a surgeon performs, the more skilled he/she becomes -- thus offering you the best chance for recovery from ARD.

i.....How many adhesiolysis procedures has he/she completed; and how long has he/she been performing these procedures?

j.....Be sure to ask for his/her written procedure for an adhesiolysis; and then compare it with Dr. Harry Reich's procedure (I will post this segment from Beverly Doucette's story.)

* * * * * * * *

Your prospective surgeon's answers to the above questions, will help you to be able to determine if his/her adhesiolysis procedure will offer you the BEST chance for a successful recovery.

At this time *not any* surgeon can promise that you will be adhesion-free and thus pain-free as the result of an adhesiolysis procedure!

Right now there aren't any adhesion barriers that will offer you 100% protection from the possible re-formation of adhesions or the development of de novo (new) adhesions.

Before you actually choose a surgeon for your adhesiolysis procedure, it is very important that you interview several surgeons; and that you use the above information to help guide you in your search for a surgeon.

If you are looking for a surgeon, I suggest that you write to Dr. Wiseman at ; and ask him if he can *suggest* the name / names of surgeons, who perform adhesiolysis procedures in or near the state (country or province), where you live.

Dr. Wiseman suggests that you contact several surgeons -- preferably by phone; and then ask each one of them:

a.....What is your success rate with adhesiolysis procedures?

b.....What is your view about adhesions and the problems that adhesions cause?

c.....What techniques do you use to remove and prevent adhesions?

d.....Do you have access to other doctors, who may need to be involved in an adhesiolysis procedure -- such as a general surgeon,a gynecologist, pain specialist, etc.

Now, you have some information to help you as you begin your search for a surgeon. Which surgeon you chose, is a decision that only you can make!!

I hope that you will find this information helpful!! Good luck in your search!!!

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