Hey there everyone

From: Chrissy492@aol.com
Thu Aug 2 12:06:32 2001

Hi there everyone and also to all the new people on board - YEAH!! I'm sorry if I've been rude and not welcoming you to the board, I finally have the time to do it now.......WELCOME! I see Marian posting lots, welcome to you! And to Kris, WELCOME! And to all the other new people WELCOME! I'm glad that you found our happy family here. Isn't everyone awesome! They give love, laughs, and information. I missed the board so much, I needed my "fix," tee hee As many of you know I have a new Border Collie male puppy named McGraw. He's been taking up so much of my time and when he naps, I nap too. What a joy to have him in my life! Such a joy! I just wanted to say HI to everyone and welcome the new people as well. Time to pee outside...................NO not me silly - McGraw............teehee Love and Hugs to all of you! ") ~Chrissie xo's

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