Thu Aug 2 10:44:24 2001

Hi Colette --

Yes, I have show dogs. Among my current crop are the 1989 Obedience Dog of the Year (Liesel-- GSD -- almost 13 years old now, time flies), and an American/International Champion Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Wye - 3 years old). I like obedience and conformation. Used to do protection and tracking, but they take more time and stamina than I have any more.

I'm taking a yearling to Tacoma, Cassie. She is just lovely, but since she is a less-popular color, I'm not expecting to bring home any prizes. It's best to go just to have fun. Judges of Chessies seem to like brown an awful lot, and Cassie is deadgrass (the color of faded straw). Her sire was the #1 dog in the history of the breed. He's been dead for about 4 years now. She is from frozen semen that was collected over 10 years ago. Weird, huh?! That half of what made her was in the freezer for a decade. Every time she does something strange or naughty, we blame it on the Twilight Zone. <G>

As long as the airline lets me check my crate-wheels, we'll be fine. They're four large wheels on casters affixed to a large, sturdy, metal frame. I plan to put the crate with the dog in it on the wheels, then bungee my suitcase and hanging bag on top of that.

Ever see the movie Best In Show? It's really like that in the dog show world. In fact I know some of the people they spoofed, I am pretty sure. <G> I adored the movie, and know a number of non-dog people who liked it. Some people hated it. They did not have a script when they made it -- it's just about all ad-libbed. That appeals to my artistic side. If you are looking for an off-beat, fun movie to rent, I recommend it.

I'd better try to clean this nasty house now. G-d only knows what it will look like when I return, after three "boys" have it all to themselves for a week. Scary. When I return, I must remember not to walk in without the putty-knife, shovel and Formula 409 poised and ready.

Have a great day! Am sooo glad your daughter is better. You take care of you, too.


Lynda M. in AZ

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