Re: Helen C.- weight loss

From: Janet Karam (
Thu Aug 2 00:14:22 2001

Dear Helen C.,

Before now, I'd never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...the peanut butter is the key ingredient for weight gain I'm sure...I doubt jelly alone will do it, but I like the sounds of the hot apple pie program you mentioned to Jean....homemade?can I come over?!

Maybe you have a really high metabolism? My weight loss has more to do with a lack of appetite, and only being able to eat small amounts at a time....sounds like your eating lots though...loaves of bread, etc.?

Sweet dreams,


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> Dear Janet:
> Now I asked the PA at the pain clinic I go to and she said that taking
> narcotic pain medication had nothing to do with losing weight, but I
really > think that she is wrong. It has to be the pain medication. I'm eating
lots > of snacks too as I noticed when I first begin eating it feels like it's
> getting stuck and it has a hard time going down. I have to begin eating
in > little bites then it starts feeling more comfortable and I can take
larger > bites. I don't like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but I noticed I
like > eating jelly sandwiches now (nice and soft going down).
> Love,
> Helen C.

--- Janet Karam ---

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