Re: Frustrated to the Nth degree

From: Sally Grigg (
Wed Aug 1 18:26:40 2001

Bring all of your records together, copies of your doctor's written reports of your medical problems especially operation reports, test results, etc. You have the right to copies from any doctors you have seen, copy pages from the adhesions site ( look at back e-mails from Helen Dynda about pain and other topics relevant to your situation, print them out, lots of them, type up a cover letter explaining your problems, keep it thorough but as short as possible. Present yourself to your chosen doctor or pain management clinic and go through this board to find a good one, any old doctor will not do, a bad doctor or pain management place is worse than none. When you have you appointment remain calm, but firm and describe your level of pain. Good luck. It's hard. Look at the adhesion web site for information. You can spend weeks searching and still keep finding good information and it's time well spent. With kindest regards, Sally Grigg wrote: >
> Has anyone ever been able to get all their doctors to agree on a method
> of treatment for pain management?? The Primary Care sends me to a pain
> specialist, he in turn sends me to another because my kind of pain is
> not his speciality. From there, additional paperwork & medical history
> must be updated from all the doctors and I find myself spinning my
> wheels while they get their collective heads together. In the meanwhile
> I am still in pain and running very low on patience, time & money. Any
> ideas on how to get them all together?

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