Re: Hey Helen

From: Sally Grigg (
Wed Aug 1 15:10:41 2001

My dear Helen, you'd better be nice to your husband, he sounds like he's the foundation for your family and life and without him, you'd be up ****creek without a paddle. Love and love our husbands day (even when they're impossible).And I know a lot about impossible husbands. I'll trade stories someday when you have a few weeks. Kisses, Sally wrote:

> Dear Helen:
> Your husband is playing with the kids AND
> Oh if that were only true, what a smile it would bring to my face. I
> made it
> through yesterday and my meds were delivered today and no bad side
> effects.
> Jean we do have to meet one day - too bad you're headed to NY and not
> Baltimore.
> I had the wonderful opportunity today to spend $83.00 for skateboard
> shoes,
> $86.00 for two pairs of skateboard pants, $40.00 for two shirts that I
> have
> no idea what they say or stand for except something about
> skateboarding,
> $56.00 for soccer cleats, $40.00 for a helmet, $50.00 for knee pads
> and elbow
> pads, $10.00 for his haircut, $20.00 to go to the skateboarding place,
> oh yes
> how could I forget $125.00 for the skateboard of wonder from
> California, and
> $100.00 to go to the Baltimore Blast Soccer Camp next week. Now that
> was
> just my son, my daughter's day is tomorrow and I'm scared!!!!!! I NEED
> A
> JOB!!!!! and although my husband doesn't cook, that is why I have to
> stay
> married to him.
> Love to all,
> Helen C.

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