Magnesium Oxide -- Safe and Gentle Minerals for Your Bowel Cleansing

From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Aug 1 14:36:37 2001

Magnesium Oxide - Safe and Gentle Minerals for Your Bowel Cleansing. Many people have experienced the uncomfortable, embarrassing, and potentially dangerous problem of constipation. After 50 years of clinical experience, the famous American natural therapist, Dr. Bernard Jensen concluded, " In the time that I've spent helping people overcoming illness, it has become clear that poor bowel management lies at the root of many people's health problems. "

A more meaningful way of describing the effects of constipation is an understanding of the term "intestinal transit time" (ITT). ITT is the time it takes for food to go from mouth to anus and a slow ITT is generally described as constipation. Studies on African tribes who have an enormously high fibre diet and whose ITT are less than 24 hours, have extremely low rates of bowel disease and other chronic degenerative illnesses so common in the Western world.

In our society, ITT of 48 hours to one week are not uncommon. Coroners have revealed that people that suffer from such slow ITT can have as much as 80% of their bowels blocked by hard, impacted waste matter. This undigested rubbish sticks like glue to the thousands of nutrient absorbing intestinal villi inhibiting absorption of valuable nutrients.

Over the years, usually through a combination of poor diet, poor bowel habits, stress, or a genetically "lazy bowel", layers of unhealthy matter build up. The body tries to protect itself from possible poisoning by continuously wrapping this putrefied matter in mucous, adding to the internal sludge problem.

It has been estimated that people that suffer from slow ITT, may have between 1 and 3 kilograms of this material waiting to be eliminated. This putrefied matter is a breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria, yeast infections, and a welcome home for parasites.

If you suffer from this affliction, you may have tried traditional laxatives with limited and short term relief. These laxatives can be addictive and their irritating nature can cause pain and cramping.

The gentle and effective alternative to harsh laxatives is a natural mineral compound called magnesium oxide. Relatively new to Australia, this truly amazing substance is the ideal way to spring clean your intestinal tract.

Magnesium oxide is an oral powder, usually mixed with water, and taken away from meals. It's ability to increase water in the bowel helps soften, liquefy , and cure even the most stubborn cases of constipation. Clinical results have shown that even patients who are on codeine based medications and other drugs which disrupt the normal functioning of the bowel, experience gentle and consistent relief.

So next time your intestinal tract becomes congested, forget the laxatives, and try magnesium oxide which is available from most health food stores.

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