Sheryl needs Helen's help

From: Sally Grigg (
Wed Aug 1 14:27:58 2001

Dear Sheryl, The adhesions site e-mail is the web page is You can contact both Helen Dynda and Helen Chalmers at the adhesions e-mail site. Helen D. is a great source of adhesion information and she can tell you how to access the info, but if you are at all familiar with computers, once you find the site, you can go "exploring" and learn a lot on your own. If you aren't familiar with computers just start somewhere and push a button and keep looking. You could start by pushing the button for the IAS (International Adhesions Site) quilt. We have all put our stories on the quilt and its very helpful as well as being theraputic to see what other women have been through. If you look back through the e-mails Helen Dynda sends you will find a lot of valuable information. Helen Chalmers tries to find people good doctors, but depending on where you live it can be difficult. Don't give up. With kindest regards, Sally Grigg wrote:

> how do i go to the adhesion site, what is the address, never have been
> to a
> site about adhesions, or read emails about them please tell me what to
> do to
> get there or what is helens address
> Sheryl

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