Re: Marianne - Awful special

From: Millie (
Wed Aug 1 08:59:19 2001

O.K Nancy, You got me on that one!!! You and Marianne got me laughing, and I need that this morning. You and your unique rabbit. I married him!! Never mind those rifles!!! They get things messy, and that "maid" can't be cleaning THAT up!! Millie

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> Let me see - "awful special" = "terribly retarded" = "spoiled rotten" -
> Yep!! That's me!!! *LOL*
> Thank you for giving me a giggle tonight, I really needed it. Pain levels
> have been high today, and I've taken three 30mg codeine - as usual,
tonight > I'm having chest pains and the pelvic pain is still high. Damn! Someone
> hand me that rifle!
> Question: How do you catch a unique rabbit? Answer at the end of this
post. >
> Today was time for the "maid" to do some brown-nosing - did 4 loads of
> laundry (haven't done it in a few days) and then did up all of the mending
> (haven't done that in months!), which required bringing my sewing machine
> out of storage - the thing is a 35-year-old Kenmore, and weighs almost as
> much as I do!!! Good thing C was here to move it for me.
> Oh well, another 8 days and my GP should be back from vacation....
> Have a good night ladies.
> Nancy in NB
> PS - Answer: You "neek" up on him......

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