Re: Helen C.- On being a Mom

From: marianne bolding (
Wed Aug 1 00:46:23 2001

Helen, Have you ever noticed, too...that the minute you feel well enough to do a couple of things...that everyone assumes..."Oh...if she did that she must be O.K.", and then they seem to expect more? IE: Well, if she worked 8 hours, vacuumed, dusted, and cleaned the bathroom...then she'll cook dinner, do the dishes, and sweep the floors, too...and we'll watch t.v. I don't have kids...I have a husband..he's one "big" kid...doesn't cook, doesn't clean until yelled at, thinks he's the guy from "This Old House" when he's more like Tim Allen, thinks he knows everything, throws temper tantrums, procrastinates, hides his dirty clothes in the closet till they're 3' high, and whines when you ask him to do something. But, I love him because I can say anything to him, he's my best friend. And he's stood by me when many people "just can't deal" is funny that way...don't you think? LOL ---- Hugs, Marianne --- wrote: > Dear Nancy:
> I am so jealous.... My family seems to forget that
> I'm a chronic pain patient
> and they will sit until 9:00 at night waiting for
> dinner, then realize it's
> not coming and order chinese or a pizza, but that's
> about as far as it goes.
> Chester does all of the cooking and all of the
> driving, so my contribution is
> confined to the dishes, laundry, and housework -
> when I feel up to doing it,
> and no sooner. I have been known to get carried to
> the couch when I try to
> do things that I'm not up to doing because of the
> pain levels.

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