Re: covering up pain

From: Sally Grigg (
Thu May 31 21:56:22 2001

I think we almost all have a lot in common, we try to hide our pain until we're alone or with our husbands. I cry in front of him all the time, while I would never or rarely cry in front of a guest. Lately, I have been crying in front of my helpers. But my husband doesn't think my pain is real because I can be sobbing and (not always, but sometimes) I can switch and answer the phone. Although I got caught yesterday by a very perceptive would be guest. She asked"Are you crying? And then I explained about my surgery, the brief version. But most people either don't notice or don't say anything. There's something to be said for strength. I think its primeval. In the old days if you were weak, you got left behind, because you were too much of a burden for the tribe, so now we go to great lengths to appear strong and healthy and tan or at least stripped. Sorry, Chrissy, my love. Signing off as a strong woman, full of hope with no hang ups about kinves in my belly. Love, Sally "what a crock?" wrote:

> Hi Karen --
> I'm really glad you have such a solid, loving group of people around to help
> you out. Makes a big difference!!!
> You wrote:
> <<P.S. That devil pain attacked my lower right side, around to my back and
> down
> my right leg as I was climbing the stairs today, I almost let out a screech,
> but my son's tutor was here teaching my son, YIKES !!>>
> Isn't it funny, I do the same thing...try to act normally and pretend things
> don't hurt when sometimes I feel like I will fall over. For example... we
> will have company for an soon as they leave I crumple onto the
> sofa with a heating pad. My husband will say, gosh, this is sudden, you
> aren't feeling good? And I tell him I've been hurting all day but held it
> in.
> Why do we do that, is it pride? Or is it that we think "normal" people
> wouldn't want to be around us if they knew how our bodies really felt?
> Have some carrots for me too, those plug me up and I love them but can't eat
> them any more. How about I drink some more prune juice <VBG>. Hope you are
> having a super, pain-free day!!!!
> Love,
> Lynda M. in AZ

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