Re: my gyn has referred me to a gastrointestinal/internal medicine dr?

From: Millie (
Wed May 30 19:33:51 2001

gidge, This happened to me in 2000. I had a colonoscopy done. The Dr. said in the written report that the lower left portion of the colon appeared to be fixed, probably due to adhesions from endo. He could only pass the scope to the splenic flexure because of patient intolerance. He told me to see a gyn. I won't go into all of that now, but after an un-needed TAH in January of this year, I believe the adhesions are back, especially the way I feel tonight. The gastro would say it is either IBS, or else say it's in my head, and the ob/gyn called me her 'colicky baby' after surgery. Some Drs. may take a look inside to see what's going on, but some of them will tell you that adhesions can come back after each subsequent surgery. Millie

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> Further to my post yesterday about ongoing bowel pain,my gyn's office
> just called and told me they have referred me to a
> gastrointestinal/internal medicine doctor for evaluation. If this bowel
> pain I"m having is recurring adhesions on my bowel will he be able to
> help me? Do they operate or do they send you to a general? I've never
> been to one before can anyone help?

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