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From: Jean Long (
Sat May 26 13:56:47 2001

Thanks again Helen D., I also did have a Neuroma in my abdomen (left side) in 1989 after surgery. Seems everything is always my left side!! Bev told me about the possibility of adhesions in the hip due to the fall trauma and or surgeries....unfortunately belly surgeons don't operate on hip adhesions (LOL), and when I asked the hip surgeon if I had any in the hip he just nonchalantly said no and changed the subject! I just keep remembering the doctors who did the aspiration on the hip saying "maybe it is scar tissue that is that hard" when they had problems and kept hitting something hard (which monitor showed was not the bone). I did have the 2 revisions after that though, so you would think they would have had to cut it if it was adhesions in order to get in to replace it, and I had no relief after surgery?!

I will check out Marla's site after I get this unbearable pain calmed down....I do think I MUST give into a pain pill now because I just can't even sit or think right now it is sooo bad!! JEAN

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For a condition that affects an estimated 70% of all people who have any kind of surgery, doctors and surgeons are loathe to talk about this possible complication. Admittedly, it is rare for adhesions to cause debilitating problems; but there is an unknown factor of those who are suffering in silence; have been told by their doctor that it's all in their head; orthat they have IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome ). If you fall in one of these categories, it's time to shop for a physician. What's the difference between a doctor and a physician? A doctor works for the organization he is affiliated with. A physician works for *you* and listens to you even though it takes more than the allotted15 minutes.

If you know you have adhesions or are susceptible to them ( family history ) you would be wise to familiarize yourself with the information provided below and discuss it with your surgeon before you consent to ANY procedure. Remember, adhesions can form with any invasive procedure.

My trigger points have been diagnosed as scar neuromas ( tiny tumors that form where the nerves have been severed ) with entrapped nerves ( blockages caused by adhesions or scar tissue pressing against the nerve ) and developing RSD.

It took me 14 months to get to someone who understood these symptoms of my pain. The most successful treatment and hope for remission and recovery is usually when this condition is harnessed within the first six months of the original surgery.

Whatever your pain is, it is real; and the better you can define the symptoms you are having, and have the ability and wherewithal to ask appropriate questions, the better you will be able to assist your doctor in diagnosing and treating the problem.

|||> Marla has provided MUCH MORE information about ADHESIONS at the following website:

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