Re: Trigger Point Injections

From: Bonnie (
Wed May 23 11:40:14 2001

At Tue, 22 May 2001, Jean Long wrote: >
>I had it done but it was in my hip, wrists and back.....It is Cortisone.
>I once had a shot in my belly for a Neuroma but I don't know if that one was called a trigger point injection.
>Are the talking about giving it in your belly or where???
>He wants to inject medicine in my abdominal wall and I guess exactly where the pain is. It kind if has me weirded out..:-( I heard that it is very painful and it probably won't work
>Thought for the day: "Actions speak louder than Words"

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>Subject: Trigger Point Injections
>Hi All! Has anyone ever had this done? If so, does it work? Saw my Doc
>today, he wants to try it. I am alittle hesitant, but hell, at this
>point I'll try anything. Anyone with any experience with this? Thanks,

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