Re: nuerontin

From: Robin (
Wed May 23 09:10:12 2001

Dear Cheryl I did recieve help from the TENS unit, but the nuerontin didn't seem to help at all. You also have to gradually decrease it when you come off of it. I was up to 1000mg per day & decided that was enough especially since it wasn't helping. Hope this information helps in some way. Robin

At Wed, 23 May 2001, Cheryl Cole wrote: >
>Hello all!! Went back to pain dr. yesterday. He uped the neurontin to
>600 mg per day. He says you can go up to 4000 mg per day. Does that
>sound right? It hasn't helped so far and maybe I just haven't worked up
>to enough yet? Also the TENS machine doesn't seem to be helping either!!
>Glad to see brokenwing back on the site...welcome back!! I don't post
>very much, but I read every message every day. Chrissie, you make me
>laugh sooo hard!! Sitting here in Michigan imaganing your striped body
>and racoon face!! Wishing everyone a pain free day.

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