Re: Trigger Point Injections

From: Suze (
Tue May 22 20:09:04 2001

Dear Bonnie, I had a three month stay in hospital once. The pain management team tried this on me where they injected local into the spots that were causing the most trouble. It was like all the pain meds some days it worked others it didnt we soon gave up on it as it didnt have the effect it should they then tried complet blocks which helped better till it wore off which was no help when at home but I was like you its like anything is worth a try at times. You may find that it does help you. wishing you all the best Luv Suze

BonnieLee wrote:

> Hi All! Has anyone ever had this done? If so, does it work? Saw my Doc
> today, he wants to try it. I am alittle hesitant, but hell, at this
> point I'll try anything. Anyone with any experience with this? Thanks,
> Bonnie

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