Re: Cloth Adhesion Quilt

From: Chrissy (
Tue May 22 13:05:40 2001

Hi there, You know what I just thought of....if you want me to help you with your cloth piece for the quilt I will. It won't be fancy sewing but it'll have the information on it that you want....just let me know. I don't mind helping you out if you're unable to do it yourself. I guess I'm so excited that we have a talented Tammie to put our pieces together and I want to show off the quilt soon. Please let me know if you would like me to help you. These tanned stripped fingers of mine are ready to be creative..... ") Love and Hugs to all, Chrissie xo's At Thu, 17 May 2001, Chrissie wrote: >
>Hi my lovelies!
>Just posting Tammie Habhegger's home address and email for you
>so that you can snail mail her your 12"x12" non-wrinle cloth to
>add onto the cloth adhesion quilt she is making. Hope your day
>is happy....
>Tammie Habhegger (
>304-W Franklin Street
>Thorp, WIS 54771
>Hugs with lots of LOVE,
>~Chrissie xo's

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