multiple diagnosis

From: anonymous (
Thu May 3 05:19:26 2001

I was told Monday (after a colonoscopy)that I had adhesions and the GI physician indicated that nothing could be done. I have had multiple abdominal surgeries c-sec x 2, laser-lap surgery for ovarian cyst and adhesions,and an appendectomy. I have been in so much pain and running a low grade temp. I called my primary physician on Wed. at 10:00 am and of course I missed their return call after 5:00. The nurse left a message stating the physician thinks I have diverticulitis and the colonoscopy report would not be avaliable until next week and they would phone me in some antibiotics. Now I am so confused. I believe that I have adhesion around my intestines which is causing pain and other GI problems. I dont know who or what to do! Anyone with advice or an opinion on this matter it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kat

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