Re: email postings

From: Jean Long (
Tue May 1 00:46:31 2001

Sally, Not all people can "read" HTML format therefore HTML comes through as Plain Text with an attachment to open (and loses any formatting like bold text etc.).

I think it has to do with the internet provider. I know allot of people on AOL can't open them "because" AOL has their own email program which I don't think supports the HTML format.

"My post is in HTML format" READ THIS....IT EXPLAINS HTML:

When you create messages using HTML formatting, only mail programs that support HTML can read the formatting. If the recipient's mail or newsreading program does not read HTML, the message is displayed as plain text with an HTML file attached.

To use HTML formatting on all outgoing messages 1.. In the main window, click the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Send tab.

2.. In the Mail Sending Format or News Sending Format sections, click HTML.

To use HTML formatting on an individual message

a.. In an e-mail message window, make sure HTML formatting is turned on by clicking the Format menu. HTML formatting is turned on when a black dot appears by Rich Text (HTML). Notes

a.. To edit the HTML source tags, click the View menu and make sure a check mark appears next to Source Edit. Then, select the Source tab and start editing.

b.. To set up Outlook Express so that your message replies are sent in a format that the originator's mail or newsreading program can read, in the main window, click the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Send tab. Check the Reply to messages using the format in which they were sent check box. I "can" get HTML and never got Deborah's infamous postings.

Deborah said she even "re-typed" it into an email message and it still didn't get posted so it doesn't matter if that one was HTML or plain text it would have been a normal chit-chat type of email same as the one below.

Jean . . .

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