Re: I wrote Oprah too!

From: Todd Palmer (
Wed Feb 28 18:24:05 2001

Thanks Colette, Now that I am home and can put on my "fat pants(sweats of course!)", I feel much better. Thank you for asking. My last surgery was Dec.1st and I really thought this was "The One" that would cure me. I never actually got any relief. The pain went from post-op to the all too familiar pain. I am in the process now of obtaining all of my medical records from hospitals and doctors. That's a chore. I know that the time will come when I will be making a pilgramage to Scranton. Besides, I am curious after hearing what everyone has said about their doctor's making snide little comments in their charts. Considering what they have said to my face, this ought to be good. I hpoe everyone has a pain free night! Hugs, Lisa

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