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From: Millie (
Wed Feb 28 18:13:38 2001

Jenny' My thoughts and prayers are with you. Millie

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> Hi everyone,
> I wanted to ask all of you to keep me in your prayers. I feel like I am
> falling apart today. I am literelly shaking and I guess really stressed
out. > I don't really know the cause of all of it. I have a mentally retarded
niece > who is getting married March 18. Her mother-in-law to be is a very
> controling person. Christy, my niece lived with us from Nov 1999 to July
> 2000. Now her mom-in-law to be is calling non stop wanting some sort of
> papers the group home says they gave me. They never did. I guess that on
top > of still having pain after my surgery and my two youngest really
misbehaving > has shot the nerves today. I really just want to run away! I need a
> vacation! I just think there is too much on me today and it has hit the
> boiling point. It doesn't help that I am out of BP medicine and I can tell
> it is high. We sent my RX's off through the mail over a week ago and they
> still have not come. I just need you to pray on me. I guess it is not all
> just from today. It has been the whole week. The only good thing about
this > week is the fact that we got our income tax check. That should make me be
> shouting for joy. And I guess if I had to say what the high light of my
week > would be, that would be it. Now for the low, it would be everything else.
> Anyway, please just say a prayer for me. I hate to unload on everyone but
> really needed to ask for someone to lift me up in prayer today. Lord knows
I > need it. I wish I could be the encouraging one today. I do love all of you
> so very much. I hope you are all doing well and are pain free.
> Love you,
> Jenny


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