Re: Kate you are totally inspirational

From: Millie (
Wed Feb 28 17:33:02 2001

Kate, You are one in a million. Inspiration! Millie

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> On 27 Feb 2001, at 20:02, Janet Karam wrote:
> > Ditto Trace...well said!
> >
> > Kate you are an inspiration to me as well, and I was thinking of writing
you > > a little love letter myself, but I couldn't say it any better than my
dear > > friend Trace.
> Dear friends,
> One of the ways that I deal with my own struggles is to offer some
> encouragement to other people. Now that I am no longer in the
> crazy, too many hours a day workforce, I have found time to write
> and to correspond to others via e-mail.
> I really believe we heal ourselves when we reach out with help to
> others. About eight years ago I hit a personal bottom. I was in the
> midst of chemotherapy for colon cancer, radiation therapy for
> breast cancer, and physical therapy for a flare up of MS. My
> chemo doctor was the coldest fish possible and his office staff
> reflected his generally nasty attitude.
> I spent hours sitting and waiting for tests and treatments in his
> office. Outside the little treatment rooms where they stuck me to
> wait, the confusion and disorder was awful. Phones rang, beepers
> beeped, the intercom called for doctors and nurses over and over.
> Once in the next room, a woman's IV infiltrated only to be
> discovered after much calling when her arm had ballooned three
> times its size.
> In general, a mess!
> I was furious with this guy. I wanted him to listen to my fears, to
> provide the calm order that I desperately needed. Sitting at my
> office desk one day, I just broke down and wept.
> But, I am not a very good weeper. I saw that he just wasn't going
> to provide what I needed -- later I used the expression "Don't try to
> buy meat from a baker." I called the American Cancer Society
> who referred me to a patient support group that was meeting that
> very night.
> They were my friends and lifeline for the following five years. Many
> have died, and I can no longer attend because I can't drive at night,
> but they made all the difference in the world to my real healing.
> When my eyes began to fail and I retired and became more
> housebound, I began to reach out to others on the Internet. I have
> found similar friendship and support. My life has been very much
> enriched.
> So I am honored to share what I can with you.
> Kate
> Kate Murphy

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